If you love horses, you will love this novel! I really enjoyed this story line, although at times you do want to yell at the character Reese. However, Reese is a teenager and struggles with the loss of her mother, the change in her father since that horrific accident and the loss of one of her beloved horses, Trusted Treasure. Her father struggling himself after the death of his wife is doing what he thinks is best as a father currently but Reese wants nothing to do with anything unless it involves horses and not matter how many times he tells her, she just won’t listen. Reese continues to hold out for “some day” when her father and her will get back into the horse business when one day she finds that the barn they used to rent out is being taken over. A new stranger in town, and one that doesn’t speak but shows amazing connection with horses. Reese weasels her way into helping him out and the two form an odd sort of understanding and friendship and just when Reese thinks things are in reach once again, changes come and as usual it seems there is one thing after another that just always keeps that dream out of reach. But all it takes is someone to believe in her and make her believe in herself again. This was a really heartfelt read and I loved all of the lessons this novel had woven throughout.