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Christy Cashman has written a beautiful, thrilling tale about a teenage girl’s journey from fear to courage, from anger to forgiveness, from broken-heartedness to openness. The Truth about Horses is so much about the mysterious forces, within us and around us, that are always there to guide us, and the way in which people enter our lives exactly when we need them—if only we’ll let them.
Jane Seymour,
Actress, author, and co-founder of the Open Hearts Foundation
With all of the unpredictable thrill of a horseback ride, The Truth About Horses took me deep into the mind of a teenage girl searching for her post-traumatic truth. It is a beautiful, moving story that I'm glad to know and certain to remember.
Harry Connick Jr.
Emmy Award–winning Actor and
Grammy Award–winning Musician
In her first novel, The Truth about Horses, Christy Cashman proves herself to be a worthy successor to Harper Lee. Cashman’s protagonist, Reese, instantly captures the reader in the same way that Scout does in To Kill a Mockingbird—and takes the reader with her into her world for a magical examination of the human heart.
Arthur T. Vanderbilt II
Author of Fortune’s Children:
The Fall of the House of Vanderbilt
From the first gripping pages, this beautifully written, vividly imagined novel had me hooked. As the chapters galloped by, I felt closer and closer to 14-year-old Reese and the horses she loved. She now feels like a friend, one to whom I am immensely grateful for her flaws, her insights, and her courage. Anyone who remembers being a teen, or loving horses, or has lost a loved one, will find deep meaning in this book.
Sy Montgomery
New York Times–bestselling author of
How to Be a Good Creature and The Soul of an Octopus
The Truth about Horses had me hooked on page one. I set aside everything else and just kept reading, sleep be damned. It is a timeless story about growing up in a world that is less than perfect and trying to figure out who you are through all of those challenges—something each of us faces at some point. Reese’s strength, wit, wisdom, and vulnerability offer up a multifaceted character and a person I would like to know. The novel is a tour de force.
Judith Laster
Director of the Woods Hole Film Festival
This is a heartwarming novel about facing down the perils of adversity. It's also an examination of how and why we become stronger at the broken places. Christy Cashman has written a book for everyone, young and old, who wants to know about the elemental gallop of the heart.
Colum McCann
Author of Apeirogon and Let the Great World Spin
Don’t waste another moment reading these simple lines of praise. Go straight to the horse's mouth. By the way, it’s a winner.
Carly Simon
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musician, singer, songwriter, and memoirist
The truth about The Truth about Horses is that it is impossible to put down. With simple ingredients of hay and humor, family and fury, Christy Cashman has spun an unstoppable feast. She shows us how hooves and hearts beat the same truth to light and reminds us that laughter and tears need not be served as separate courses.
Sally Taylor
Singer, Songwriter, and Founder of Consenses
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