Fourteen-year-old Reese has always dreamed of one of her families horses winning the Black Elk race.  This year they had their hopes on Trusted Treasure, but when he his bumped and falls on the last jump, their plans to turn the horse farm around are also lost.  While still reeling over Treasure’s loss in the race, a second tragedy hits the family, a massive car accident that kills Reese’s mom.  It’s been two years since that day, and now the farm that they lease is up for sale.  Reese’s dad even has to sell off their horses, including her beloved Trusted Treasure and he takes a job in town.  Heartbroken, Reese has a falling out with her dad and now they essentially live as strangers in the same house.  Reese still keeps tabs on Trusted Treasure’s whereabouts and searches all the online horse sales to try and get him back.  Each day Reese takes her bike down to the big green barn, it comforts her to be so close to a place her mom was.  It’s also how she finds out that Wes has taken over the barn and started to train his own horses.  At first Reese is very leery of Wes, she doesn’t think he has a clue about what he’s doing.  The more that she hangs around the barn the more convinced she is that he needs her help.  Wes may have a talent for teaching horses, but Reese knows all the ins and outs about where to get the best feed and how to handle the business.  At first, Wes seems to be ignoring her, brushing off her attempts to try and work for him.  Reese assumes the worst of him, but then is surprised when she finds out that Wes is actually mute, which is by his choice.  Eventually they come to an understanding and Reese starts performing some of the chores, of which she never asked permission from her dad for.  Then the exciting news that Reese has been waiting for comes, Trusted Treasure is up for sale and she just has to get him back.